About us

The Institute for Natural Medicine (INM) is a distance-learning educational institute, a part of the University of Natural Medicine (UNM). Our intent is to provide health education and offerings that are in harmony with the Creator’s natural laws of health. We believe that our offerings provide our students, both religious and non-religious, with a powerful set of time-honored principles and techniques for developing the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. We are a dynamic organization with plans to build an ever-growing network of health professionals and affiliations to ensure the highest quality education to meet the needs of our valued students.

INM was originally founded by Dr. Miroljub Petrovic in 2009. INM (and UNM) is a natural expansion of the Center for Natural Studies (CNS), a natural health organization founded by Dr. Miroljub Petrovic in 2004. CNS has sustained the vision of better health through healthful living by providing personalized health consultations, health seminars to a broad spectrum of audiences, and certified training programs. We have kept the faith, as it were, over the years in providing uncompromising natural health services and education to our clients. Now INM has taken that approach and pioneered an unequaled educational experience in natural medicine to offer to our valued students.

In this exciting era of the 21st century, INM’s certificate and degree programs address the explosion of interest in and the growing need for practitioners of natural healing and lifestyle principles.

Along the way, we have fine-tuned our educational materials and methods to meet the unique and varied requirements of our students. We are proud of the many testimonials we have received affirming our dedication to quality services and educational offerings. INM endeavors to be at the forefront of promoting natural, scientifically based educational programs in the areas of naturopathy, nutrition, herbology, and related natural health systems. We continually update our educational materials as new information on natural medicine methods is discovered and reported. It is our intent to be an information center for natural health and healing. As such, we are in the unique position of acting as a catalyst between the many groups that now support natural health systems.

In keeping pace with the technological advances of the 21st century, we continue to expand our educational concepts with creative, visionary, and cutting-edge resources. Some of the projects currently in progress include enlarging the curricula, providing Internet student support services and newsletters, evaluating and adding appropriate textbooks, improving testing practices, and implementing a graduate internship program. Our dedication to the art of natural healing and healthy living makes us eminently qualified and positioned to meet the exciting challenges of today’s requirements for natural health education and services.